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Funny Pics Selfie Stick -- Funny Pics Selfie Stick
    funny pics selfie stick The actor was given the somewhat controversial prop to have fun with while shooting his latest feature film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates for a Funny pics with fans on set. "We've gone into overtime every day since he started This Funny or Die video reveals that Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates star, Zac Efron appears to have developed an unhealthy obsession with his selfie stick. The nearly three minute long video features numerous clips of Efron posing Zac Efron has a selfie stick addiction, which is all documented in this brand new Funny or Die video straight from the set of his new movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. The 28 year old actor’s addiction (jokingly) became a problem on After one very resourceful father wanted

    Funny pics selfie stick to.get a closer look at a bird's nest in a tree, he did what most dads would do — made a selfie stick. Reddit user Qgin Qgin captioned the last photograph, "As funny as it was, it was still pretty dope.This isn't an overdub it's our President talking to himself in the mirror, making faces, drawing pictures for Michelle, and talking selfies with a selfie stick. Yes So Obama makes the funny faces and noises in a mirror that could use a little Why exactly is Barack Obama taking pictures with a selfie stick? And why is he making funny faces in mirror? The President of the United States doesn’t have to explain himself. “Can I live?” is the response Obama gives after getting Zac Efron is obsessed with taking pictures of himself in

    funny pics selfie stick the.hilarious new Funny Or Die skit jokes how Efron is “fully committed” to the selfie stick, putting the crew into over time every day. “The ironic part is that ever since Zac ever It’s funny, I was really tempted Why did you decide to use it? That was a selfie back in 2011 or 2012 when I’d just be in bed for hours at a time either in hospitals She and her best friend and business partner, Dominic Suszanski, 32, discovered selfie sticks earlier this year while visiting Hong Kong. “It’s funny to put your phone on the end of the stick, but at the end of the day we have great But rear cameras still take better quality photos, so a mirror One thing you’ll notice about selfie stick shots are the big smiles. You can’t help it.

    Funny pics selfie stick Onlookers.may roll their eyes, but there’s something fun and funny about tacking a camera

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