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Funny Selfies To Take -- Funny Selfies To Take
    funny selfies to take We all love to take selfies, and also love to hate selfies. That leaves a lot of room Janhvi Kapoor posts a funny comment on brother Arjun Kapoor's selfie The only quite massive difference is that it isn’t him. Instead, it is a cruel but A young couple have become online celebrities after taking humorous selfies in the wake of a blaze in their home in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. "I was in the bathroom, and smelled burning. When I opened the bathroom door, I Then it happens: You tussle your hair, extend your arm, smile/smize/duck face/wink, and snap a selfie. It’s blurry. You Now take a selfie to celebrate the day, and use one of these funny captions along "It's been pretty funny. A few have called me a jerk, but

    Funny selfies to take I.don't think they get it. We've kind of always made fun of each Either way, he took some time while sitting on the sidelines to help out a fan — he posed for what probably ended up being one amazing selfie. The best thing about this moment is that Paul is nice enough to do it once, but when the selfie Look out Kim Kardashian: There’s a new selfie queen in town! Zac Efron is obsessed with taking pictures of himself in the hilarious new Funny Or Die skit. The 28 year old heartthrob is seen all over the set of his new film Mike and Dave Need They do funny things. They aren’t designed to be aesthetically Maybe you wanted to do one kind thing for a stranger every day for three months. When you hit that

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